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Party Saboteurs v11.05.2016
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Party Saboteurs - необычная стратегия для нескольких игроков на шпионскую тематику, выполненная в лучших традициях Spy Party и Town of Salem! В игре принимают участие одновременно до 8 человек, каждый из которых участвует в разведывательной миссии, пытаясь внедриться на вечеринку. Игроки управляют как снайпером, который должен уничтожать вражеских агентов, так и шпионом.

Системные требования
ОС: Windows 7
Процессор: Dual Core
Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: Intel HD
Место на диске: 1 GB
Party Saboteurs brings the tension and strategy from games like Spy Party and Town of Salem to the local multiplayer genre. The players have to move carefully, trying to blend in with the other guests and, at the same time, watching out for any awkward movements that might give up an enemy spy.
Each player controls a spy who is trying to blend in an exclusive cocktail party to complete their missions. The catch? At the same time, they are all controlling snipers trying to identify and eliminate each other’s spies. There are two ways to win: completing the missions first or killing the other spies.
The game's aesthetics are inspired by classic movies, immersing the players in an espionage atmosphere. Try to imagine James Bond and Austin Powers, infiltrated in a party hosted by Kim Jong-Un, competing to see who can sabotage it first. All delivered in an awesome-looking retro pixel art!
Party Saboteurs is primarily a competitive local multiplayer game, so, it's designed to be played on a couch by, ideally, 3 or 4 people (or 8, if you share controllers!). Right now it does have a single player mode but it is in a very basic state. Online mode is planned for the future.
Скачать Party Saboteurs [Steam Early Access] v11.05.2016 (86.14 Мб.):
Форум Сталкер » Другие игры » ★ Мини-игры » Party Saboteurs v11.05.2016
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